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Website Contribution: Website Manager and Owner, Beta Reader

Biography:That'd be me. I'm the one with abosolutely no talent and/or writing ability. The others would disagree a bit, but that's because they're too kind to admit that I just suck. But I make up in that area by having a job and a little experience with making websites. A little. But hey, I've got money! No complaining!

I suppose you could say my character is Eyesore, though she's no Titan and there's no direct comparison to me. She's a bit of a homage to me, though it could come off very wrong if you don't know me. I'm probably the closest you can get to a medium between Zia and Marissa. I'm not nice, but I can seem nice if you catch me in a good or hyper mood. Unfortunately for Eyesore, she's in a coma, and I'm making a website. Whoo! Anyway, back to the actual me.

I'm gonna be the one paying for this site and all the lil do-dads we add to it. I love these guys' writing, and it does sicken me to see them get censored by a website that encourages free speech. But just because I like them doesn't mean I can dedicate my life to this site. It may work out, it may not. Only time will tell.