Trigon is (c) to DC Comics.

Real NameEdit

Ronled Young

Known AliasesEdit

Trigon the Terrible

First Episode AppearanceEdit

Fear Itself

First Story AppearanceEdit

Black and White




Incredible demon strength and powerful dark magic (typically involving fire).

Current StatusEdit

Deceased (we hope).


Trigon the Terrible was born from a mystic and a god. He immediately killed everyone in the vicinity. Apparently, he became a personification of the cast-off evil energies of the Azarathians. Six years and some-odd days later, he destroyed a planet.

He was going to be brought to Earth by The Church of Blood via Arella, a depressed woman. He was disguised as a handsome male to provide himself a "Gem", which would allow him to move from his dimension into the Titans'. However, this was discovered and Arella was taken by the Azarathians aand Trigon was contained by their seals. Raven, Trigon's daughter, was born to Arella afterwards, and the Azarathians trained her to control her emotions (which, connected to her powers, could allow Trigon to escape through her).

Eventually, despite Raven's training to resist her emotions, Trigon came, but Noel defeated him via Fang after having had the foresight to obtain it from Jason Blood. While he was not destroyed, Trigon was sealed away yet again, though now it appears that he has died.

Apparently, death hasn't kept him from teaming up with the Lord... to open up Moriarty's, AKA the Villain Cafe. He works there was a cook.