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Real NameEdit


Known AliasesEdit

The Cat

First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Hasn't appeared in the Legendsverse yet.


Claws (and tiny, but sharp teeth)


THE POWER OF EVIL!!!!1!!!111!!ONE!

Current StatusEdit



On the forums, there was a tournament to see who was the best Titan, though that quickly turned into a popularity contest. However, a second tournament began weeks later and continues on the forums today, where all of the characters and villains do battle in order to entertain the Master of Games so he doesn't destroy them all.

During the second tournament, a strange, very black cat appeared and began causing trouble. Zia, the homicidal alter of Marissa Mori, chased the cat through the stadium in an effort to kill it, as did Metatron. The Very Black Cat has managed to avoid death despite all their efforts, as well as aid Marissa whenever she needs help.

One notable occurance was after Zia mortally shot Metatron (they had been fighting), she saw a very DIFFERENT black cat; this new black cat was larger than a dog, had no mouth, sagging skin with holes (and something glinting in the dim light underneath the skin), and deep blue eyes with piercing black slits instead of irises. While this cat may just be a hallucination from the psychotic alter of Marissa's mind, it's clear that there is some connection between the two.

After Metatron was revived, he managed to capture The Very Black Cat by knocking Marissa out; however, the cat seems to have lost all of it's hostile characteristics since he easily caught it and caged it. Unfortunately for Metatron, it escaped soon after, was found by Troy, and taken with her to explore.

One can only hope that the superstitions of black cats crossing your path aren't apt with this feline...