Legend Maker's Note: Sometimes you start out to write a neat story…and suddenly you have something more complicated then rocket science. This may be the case with my timeline of Teen Titans fanfics, which not only encompasses my work but several others. So, to help people, this is the timeline.

Teen Titans Season 1 (and possibly 1 or 2 episodes of Season 2)

Black and White

Wings of the Eagles (which includes my separate story Time and Time Again, the author BobCat's The Epic of Gauntlet, and several altered episodes of Season 2, altered due to various original characters having joined. Got all that?)

Flashing Lights and Sounds (written by the author Jedi-And)

(Webmaster's Note: As of now, Wings, Epic, and FLAS are not yet complete, but relax, you'll still understand what's going on as long as you've read what's available now.)

This story takes place after Flashing Lights and Sounds, and as a result several years have passed since Teen Titans began, hence putting all the Titans in early adulthood age (they're probably on the verge of dropping the Teen part of the name and just calling themselves the Titans). If you've never read my work, three OC Titans are part of the group: Savior, who belongs to me, Gauntlet, who belongs to Bobcat, and Scalpel, who belongs to Jedi-and. That's enough explanation for now.

Oh, and my thanks to Roger Corman, who provided the idea, and the darker and more mature theme, for this story. And the key word is MATURE. Even more so then my USUAL work. I'll be tackling some things I usually avoid in this plot, got it? MATURE. You have been warned.

Who's Roger Corman? Find out for yourself, I have to cut and run…run away from Jump City and to another…