Legend Maker's Note: Nothing ultra-special here: it started out as a birthday story for someone and expanded into a short (for me) little adventure that has one of the more severe see-sawing between parodic comedy and deadly serious drama that I’ve written. I still think it’s a good little tale, even if my webmaster would disagree. Plus it has the most unlikely guest star that could ever appear in a Teen Titans fanfic: KITT from Night Rider. Well, in a sense. Read and see!

Note 2: Story written with considerable script doctoring from our good friend BobCat. Love him, or else this would be endless angst.

Note 3: This takes place in my own personal canon, which had a lot of my own storyline events (like Terra not being a traitor). You don't really need to know it to read this, but if you're wondering who this 'Noel' guy is, well, that's why.

Note 4: No Southerners were harmed in the making of this story. Why am I stressing this point? Oh you'll see...