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Tara Markov

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First DC AppearanceEdit

New Teen Titans (1st Series) #26

First Story AppearanceEdit

Wings of the Eagles




A master geokinetic, a specialized form of telekinesis that gives Terra complete mastery of the earth: she can create flying island to ride or moving creatures of stone and soil, generating earthquakes, or calling forth molten lava or mudslides.

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Terra was a girl on the run, coming from a past that apparently even she barely remembers, a past we have not pressed her on. Her powers, wild and uncontrolled, would inevitably cause any place she settled to turn against her, causing the poor girl to constantly be on the run until she arrived at Jump City. Her attempt to flee the Titans due to her then perceived shame of her lack of control was stopped by Gauntlet…

(And hence prevented Terra from entering Slade’s embrace, becoming his apprentice, and being turned to stone…)

…and Terra stayed on. Her road has been rocky, no pun intended, as she has struggled with attempts to fully control her abilities, her fears of rejection and the ‘life’, and her feelings for Gar Logan, which constantly seemed to fall apart on the cusp of realization more then a few times. However, in the end Terra has come through, and finally connected with Beast Boy as well.