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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 6, "Once More, With Feeling"

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Once More, With the Titans

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Giving an area the effects of a Musical - people sing and dance, and there is background music.

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Sweet originally came from a dimension where people were emotionally expressive, singing songs and doing dances, with background music playing when required. It was a happy place, a good place, until it was struck by terror. The Terror of Trigon, to be exact. Trigon destroyed everything in his path, leaving Sweet with no home (and presumably, very little family). Sweet travelled to another dimension where he could lick his wounds while his bitterness consumed him. He did not have the power to take on Trigon, but that did not stop him taking out his anger on others.

When summoned, he would travel to a place and cover it in his musical energy; everyone within the area would sing out their feelings, no matter how much they didn't want to. The people would be struck by the need to dance. At first it would seem innocent, but suddenly being exposed to absolute truth would eventually create friction between the people. When their emotions overpowered them, they would dance...and dance, and dance, until they couldn't dance any more. But they would keep going, faster and faster, until the only way to release the energy would be to spontaneously combust. When Sweet grew bored of this, he would take the one who summoned him back to his own dimension. The price they pay for his services is marriage. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to go...