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Real NameEdit

Kon-El (Conner Kent)

Known AliasesEdit

The Boy of Steel, The Clone

First DC AppearanceEdit

Adventures of Superman #500

First Story AppearanceEdit

Black and White




Limited imitations of Superman’s powers, combined with a ‘tactile telekinesis’ field that allows him to simulate super strength, flight, and to shake things apart with a simple touch.

Current StatusEdit



When Superman was ostensibly murdered, a secret government agency known as Cadmus commissioned a clone of the Man of Steel to be created. Seizing an opportunity, business mogul and supervillain Lex Luthor funded the project and became a genetic donor. The resulting clone thus shared fifty percent of his genetics with Superman and fifty percent with Lex Luthor. The clone was released as a replacement for Superman, and would, in the DC Universe eventually go on to become a hero in his own right, becoming a founding member of Young Justice along side Robin and Impulse, and later joining the new incarnation of the Teen Titans.

In the Legendverse, Superboy made his first appearance in the climatic final battle of Black and White as one of the many teen heroes summoned by Raven to fight the Lord of the Night. It was partially thanks to Superboy’s solar-based powers that Robin and Savior discovered the Lord’s weakness—Superboy could hurt the Lord because his powers came directly from the sun.

After the battle with the Lord, the heroes that weren’t Titans would go on to form a group known as Young Justice, which Superboy was a member of for several years until it disbanded.

Superboy would not appear again until Crisis Point, in which he was mercilessly beaten to near-death by Superboy-Prime. Thanks to the intervention of the Teen Titans, Superboy was saved, and went with Nightwing and Savior—among others—to destroy Alexander Luthor’s multiverse tuning fork tower. Unfortunately, Superboy-Prime returned, more powerful than ever. Prime made the mistake of attacking Kon-El’s girlfriend Wonder Girl, and in response, Superboy slammed his evil doppelganger into the tuning fork, saving the Universe from destruction. Superboy was gravely injured in the explosion, and died minutes later, the only heroes with the power to save him too far away or themselves dead.