Canon Stories Edit

These are stories by Legend Maker, BobCat, and Jedi-And and constitute the 'official' canon the Legendverse.

Black and White'''

Wings of the Eagles

Time and Time Again

Epic of Gauntlet

White and Black

Terra Firma

Flashing Lights and Sounds

The Cutting Edge

Here Comes Tomorrow

Crossovers and Holiday Tales Edit

These stories have become the meat and potatoes of the Legendverse in recent years due to the completion or virtual abandonment of the canon stories. While all of the non-canon tales are interrelated, they aren't a part of the official canon and have no bearing on the outcome of those stories.

Tales and Randomness

Crisis Point

We All Fall Down

Crisis Point

Danny's Inferno

Sins of Youth

Twilight's Last Gleaming


Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland

Boogeymen III: House of 1000 Cliches

Boogeymen IV: Dolorum Ipsum Quia

Boogeymen Gaiden: The Carriage

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Adeste Fideles

Silent Night

It's A Wonderful Life

Fan Works Edit

Stories written by fans of the Legendverse. Sometimes they're referenced in canon, though this is relatively rare. This is not a complete list, as I have excluded the stories that have been abandoned by their respective authors.

Children of a Lesser God

Unseen Attractions

Hand in Hand

Maternal Instinct

Memento Mori