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Stephanie as Batgirl by Lee Garbet (I think)

Real Name Stephanie “Steph” Brown

Known Aliases Batgirl, Robin, the Girl Wonder

First DC Appearance Detective Comics #648

First Story Appearance Wings of the Eagles

Weapons Gadgets, most notably bolas and a high-tech form of bladed nun-chucks she ‘borrowed’ from Waynetech. Specially modified batarangs including 'electro-rangs' and 'gooper-rangs'. She also has a penis shaped rocket car called the Ricochet and a tricked out mini-cooper, the latter her trademark eggplant purple.

Powers Skilled in martial arts and use of her weapons; an indomitable, pollyana, never-say-die attitude.

Current Status Active


Daughter of the supervillain Cluemaster, an unimpressive yet cruel villain who is more of a nuisance to Batman than a real threat, Spoiler trained herself and create a crime-fighting alter ego in order to fight her father’s plans. In the DC Universe, Spoiler would eventually date Robin, become Robin, get fired, and die after torture at the hands of the villainous Black Mask.

In Legendverse, however, Robin’s tenure with the Teen Titans of Jump City prevented a relationship from ever developing between them, and Robin and Spoiler remained just allies. Spoiler’s first chronological appearance in the Legendverse was in Wings of the Eagles, in which Spoiler showed up at Titans Tower on a vacation from Gotham, just before the villainous metahuman Harm began attacking the city. It turns out that Spoiler is really good at Dungeons and Dragons.

Later on, however, the Titans learned that Spoiler was not dead. Leslie Thompkins had faked Stephanie's death to try and teach Bruce Wayne a lesson about endangering the lives of teenagers. Thompkins and Stephanie spent two years in Africa until Steph's heroic impulses called her back to Gotham. She was hardly settled in back in Gotham when Darkseid attacked the world and murdered Batman. In the fallout of that crisis, former Batgirl Cassandra Cain ceded the cowl to Steph, leaving Spoiler to take up the mantle.