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Nathanial Parsons

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First Episode AppearanceEdit

“Winner Take All”

First Story AppearanceEdit

Adeste Fideles


A bow and many different trick arrows.


Not a power, per say, Speedy possesses incredible archery skills and the ability to fire faster than any human should have the ability to.

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Speedy is the result of one of the many complications of creating an ongoing universe while the show itself is still ongoing. Before Roy Harper first appeared as Speedy in the canon episode “Winner Take All”, Legend Maker brought Roy Harper into the Legendverse during the final battle with the Lord of the Night—as his adult identity of Arsenal rather than Speedy.

Nathaniel Parsons was created to fill this void. The great great grandson of the Wild West hero The Golden Arrow, Speedy has inherited his ancestor’s archery skills; however, he wasn’t aware of his ancestry when he became a hero. He had been insulted and humiliated by the Green Arrow and decided to take the name of Speedy anyway to piss the Emerald Archer off.

Speedy’s first Legendverse appearance, however, did not come until the Christmas story Adeste Fideles, in which the Titans East bunked with the Jump City branch in order to celebrate Christmas. After many hijinx the Holiday celebration was interrupted by a Chaos Magic manifestation of a demonic Santa Claus, and Speedy reluctantly helped the Titans put down the murderous Saint Nick.

Speedy would later fight with the Titans against the rampage of Superboy-Prime in Crisis Point and help clean up the mess the Infinite Crisis was causing on Earth.

Though not an actual appearance, Nathaniel Parsons was also mentioned in the non-Legendverse story ‘Colors’ by Chaltab, in which he is the deceased adopted cousin of hero Yin. Yin’s father and Nathan’s uncle refused to allow Yin to become a hero because Nathan, a young policeman, had been killed years earlier in the line of duty.