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Real NameEdit

Mia Dearden

Known AliasesEdit


First DC AppearanceEdit

Green Arrow Vol.2 #2 (as Mia) #44 (as Speedy)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Crisis Point


A bow and many different trick arrows.


None; wields considerable archery training.

Current StatusEdit



Born into an abusive family, Mia Dearden ran away as a young teenager and quickly found she couldn't make it on her own. She unfortunately fell for a man involved in child prostitution, and began working for him until she was found by Green Arrow. Arrow told her to go see the business man Oliver Queen. Mia quickly realized that Oliver Queen and Green Arrow were one and the same (which raises the question that if a fifteen year old prostitute can see through Ollie's disguise, how come nobody else can?)...

Mia became Queen's ward, but soon discovered that she was HIV positive. She implored Green Arrow to train her to become the new Speedy. Green Arrow finally relented and allowed her to become his sidekick. Mia Dearden is the current Speedy in DC comics canon, but has enjoyed limited screen time in the Legendverse so far. Her only appearances have been in Crisis Point, in which she followed the Infinite Crisis storyline and aided the Titans against Superboy-Prime, using a trick Phantom Zone arrow on the rampaging Kryptonian.

Her other appearance was in the fan-story Via Negativa, in which she visited the Teen Titans... just as Ollie was kidnapped by the reawakened Doctor Light. After arguing with Savior about whether she was too green as a hero to help her own mentor, Speedy aided the gathered Titans in the battle against newly competent criminal.