Legend Maker's Note: This is a Teen Titans/Incredibles crossover, but in the prelude, neither will appear. But they will, don’t worry. Also, the Teen Titans that appear will not be the group that appears in the show, but rather my group from many stories. But if you’re new, don’t worry, I’ll give you a proper introduction that will let you catch up without having to read all my previous work. Though I’d much appreciate it if you did anyway, heh heh.

Later Note: You’d think it would be easy to write a Teen Titans/Incredibles crossover, right? Plot device them together, have them beat up some villains, post away! It’ll take two weeks!

And then there’s me, who has to come up with an idea so complicated it involves the introducing of dozens of new characters, a plot whose conclusion was so headache inducing it took hours to fully work out how it was supposed to go…and then stalled out completely and ended up in the back drawer like so many other stories.

I refuse to claim any stories are abandoned, so you never know…but for now, I’m afraid you’ll just have to look at what was done and dream of where it would go.