Real NameEdit

Selinda Flanders

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First DC AppearanceEdit

New Teen Titans #3 (December 1980)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland




The ability to temporarily transmute elements into other elements or compounds by rearranging their atomic structure. Her changes revert back after a short while.

Current StatusEdit



In the realm of DC Comics, the brutish Mammoth of the Fearsome Five was not alone—he had a sister, Selinda Flanders. Selinda was the smarter and more wicked of the two, and did the most talking, despite the misgivings of her overprotective brother.

Shimmer never appeared on the show, rather perhaps influencing the series’ depiction of Jinx, to an extent. Shimmer first appeared in the Legendverse among the many targets… er HIVE Academy students… in Boogeymen II, rather different than her comics counterpart. Shy and unobtrusive, the over-protectiveness of her brother is perhaps more justified in this universe.

Then again, perhaps not, given that she punched out the much-detested Buzz Bomb at the end of the story.

Selinda also appeared in the fan story “Maternal Instinct” as one of the HIVE members sent to take part in a robbery at Jump City National Bank.