Real NameEdit

Danielle Foster

Known AliasesEdit

An Elemental.

First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Sins of Youth




Master Level Pyrokinetic.

Current StatusEdit



Scorcher was born in the south of America in a small village much like that of Sine. When she was younger she had learned of her abillity to manipulate fire by falling in to it as a child and not being burned.

As she got older she earned money by going to the next town and working in a metal forge while learning the arts of a lady in her home town. Eventually a man known ass the scientist arrived and unlocked her abillities as they should have been. Her new power level and the change in her aperance to what we know today forced her out of her home, where she found Floral while heading North...

For further history, see The Elementals.