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Real NameEdit

Santa Claus

Known AliasesEdit

Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel...and the list goes on for a while...(Actor's Name: Bill Goldberg)

First Episode AppearanceEdit

None; film character from Santa's Slay (2005).

First Story AppearanceEdit

Adeste Fideles


Seemingly an endless series of weapons and gear that he pulled out of his sack or picked up, among which included a bowling ball, a lawn mower, explosive Christmas ornaments, sharp candy canes, REALLY old fruit cake, a flame thrower, a fly swatter, a jetpack, a weed whacker, and a board with a nail stuck in it.


Superstrong and seemingly invulnerable, empowered by chaos magic masquerading as 'the magic of the season'. Able to breath small but potent fireballs.

Current StatusEdit

Eaten. By a turkey. Yes.


Originating from a silly and cheesy horror film starring ex-wrestler Bill Goldberg, the Titans encountered this evil version of Santa (dubbed 'Santaberg') when Noel's experiences in Boogeymen and Boogeymen II (he being the only Titan to have been through both) caused him to retain a residual amount of the chaos magic that brought the horror villains to life. While moping around the tower, he accidentally picked up the film Santa's Slay, and the small amount of 'juice' he had left activated, bringing the evil Santa Claus from that film into reality.

In the film's story, Santa Claus was actually a demon, the son of Satan (hah, because re-arranging SATAN you get SANTA, SO CLEVER) who was tricked by an angel into doing good deeds for a thousand years, and as the film goes, the deadline just ended. As a result the version the Titans confronted was hell-bent on destroying Christmas, despite the fact that 'the season' empowered this evil Santa and made him nearly invincible (the exact mechanics of HOW the chaos magic managed this was never explained, and quite frankly, do you want an explanation?) Combating absurdity with absurdity, the Titans decided to use their own version of the manifesting magic and brought Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas to life to help confront Santaberg 'magic to magic' or some nonsense like that. Jack actually proved useful, as he managed to destroy the 'layer of invincible holiday armor' that Santaberg had, but that didn't much bother the chaos creation as he continued beating up the Titans. Ultimately, it was Gauntlet who dealt with the problem by breaking the forth wall, seizing control of the script, and writing in a giant turkey that ate Santaberg. The giant turkey then suffered an attack of ripping off Monty Python and the Holy Grail, making it disappear and taking Santaberg with it.

We will assume, for the sake of good taste for all eternity, Santaberg will not be making another appearance.