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Rachel Roth

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DC Comics Presents #26

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Black and White


None needed.


Telekinetic and telepathic abilities, mostly the former which manifest in tandem with her 'soul self', a mystical avatar/energy. Empathic abilities allow Raven to heal injuries by absorbing the pain into her body or drain emotions from people or animals, calming them. Adept sorceress, her body and birthright are still not fully known to her and have occasionally manifested in other mystical talents, including precognitive visions and the ability to temporarily freeze time.

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The daughter of a human woman and the high demon creature Trigon the Terrible, Raven was born with a cursed birthright and a seemingly inevitable and terrible destiny. Originally raised in the peaceful dimension Azarath by an extra-dimensional peace cult, Raven was forced to flee to Earth when Trigon originally attempted to claim her and destroyed the dimension, though a final strike from the people of Azarath locked Trigon in another dimension, the Netherverse. She emerged in Jump City, and events occurred that made her join the Titans. Withdrawn and aloof due to the fact that her demonic heritage manifested through emotion and she had been trained to repress such things, Raven did not relate well to the other Titans. Despite the fact, she found herself attracted to Noel when he joined, perhaps because his own history mirrored her own. However, Raven could not explore such a thing: her father was attempting to escape the Netherverse through her, and eventually succeeded, fully corrupting Raven into a demon and attempting to conquer the universe. Noel had foreseen this however, and he and the Titans met Trigon head on in a battle where Noel managed to use an ancient mystical weapon known as the Fang to strike Trigon down and force him back into the Netherverse, where the gravely wounded demon was killed (or so it seemed) for his power, freeing Raven from his curse. Free to feel for the first time in her life, Raven and Noel have forged a strong bond, a bond that has helped each part through terrible times. Raven serves as the Titans' main weapon against supernatural evil, and her innate powers are enough to give any evil pause. Who knows, she may yet discover more power... though it may come at a cost...

After all, sometimes things are not what they seem...

She's also a Sephiroth fangirl!