Real NameEdit

Tim Drake

Known AliasesEdit


First DC/Episode AppearanceEdit

None; alternate (original) version of Tim Drake.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Time and Time Again


Variety of bladed weaponry.


Neurological fighting implants, surgically graffted to his brain allow him to predict every path that a fight can take.

Current StatusEdit



During the Time/Dimension jumping adventure known as Time and Time Again, the Titans were deposited into a world where a decidedly more violent Starfire and Robin existed.

It seemed in this world that Robin had found his normalacy to be holding him back and so had neurological fighting implants surgically grafted into his brain. These implants allow him to see every action that can take place within a fight before any movement is made, allowing him to instantaneously create strategies for each possibility. As a result, he is almost impossible to defeat in combat unless he is completely overpowered to the point any and all possibilities would result in his defeat. Rather than using this ability to avoid fights or end them quickly, Ragged uses it to cause as much damage to his opponent as possible so as to teach them a lesson.

If Ragged and his companion Nova (Starfire) will ever appear within the mainstream Legendverse is yet to be seen.