Real NameEdit

Nik Gatrite (Human)/ Manik (Darkagon)

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First DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Shadows into Nights




Shadow manipulation. Can form tools (such as swords, shields, spears, etc.) Warp through shadows. Concussive shadow blasts. Draconic traits in Manik form. Can "see" through the Darkness, and can form semi-sentient creatures that can do little but see and give him feedback on what they've seen.

Current StatusEdit



Nik was a creation of Sages for little else purpose than to host the Darkagon (King of Darkness), called Manik. He's not the first, and wouldn't be the last. However, his life, as false as it was, started on Eyarth, a world created by the Sages (who are, in a sense, omnipotent beings) for one purpose: to pit Manik against Taokii, the Darkagons of both Sages. In an orphanage, Nik grew up and had friends. However, one of them was shot, and Manik showed himself.

From then on, Manik and Nik wrestled for control of his body. Nik stayed friends with Leon, and later, he adopted Logan. Manik, however, was a sarcastic and bitter soul, out to kill criminals and hunt down Taokii. They eventually formed a Compromise, in which both minds controlled the body. At some point, he was called Pride, and the name stuck, when referring to that form. Eventually, he killed Taokii, and destroyed most of the Darkness, essentially purifying Eyarth.

He went on to his next mission: The Legendverse.