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Green Arrow #11

First Story AppearanceEdit

The Epic of Gauntlet


Twin Semi-automatic pistols, sniper rifle, army knife, and various other handheld weaponry.


None (unless mimicking every sound he hears counts).

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Onomatopoeia is a serial killer/mercenary who targets non-powered, vigilante superheroes. His most notable target has been Connor Hawker (the second Green Arrow). Onomatopoeia shot Connor, but before he finished the job, Connor was saved by Oliver Queen (the original Green Arrow and Conner's father). While Conner being operated on, Onomatopoeia returned to finish what he started and kill the young Arrow. However, he was stopped by Queen and the Black Canary and took six arrows to the body, then fell from the seveth story of the Star City Hospital. He not only survived, but escaped.

Onomatopoeia would return to exact his revenge on Queen in the Epic of Gauntlet, while Queen had temporarily joined with the Teen Titans to battle Slade and his new apprentice Kurai. In the latest installment, it appears that Onomatopoeia was successful, but it's unsure until Epic returns from its long hiatus.