Legend Maker's Note: For those who don’t watch Buffy, I will explain what this is.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a favourite show of mine, and they did several memorable “gimmick” shows during their seven-year run. But the most memorable, as well as the best episode of the whole series (at least, that’s what many fans say) was the musical episode “Once More, With Feeling”, in which the actors engaged in over a dozen song and dance numbers due to the unique magical talents of a not so nice demon named Sweet. The songs ranged from hilarious to touching to truly sad, and the fact that the show actually tied into the plotline for that season made it all the better.

Hence, I decided to parody it. It will be a straight parody for the most part: some lines may be altered in order to fit more with the Titans. It will be a retelling of sorts of the events that happened after the Lover’s Walk arc in Black and White, so you may want to skim that to remember what happened. If you’re some new person who really don’t want to do some reading and would rather see how I butchered Whedon and co’s hard work, here’s a rough summery: new member called Savior joins the Titans, falls for Raven, and she ultimately falls for him, but rejects him due to her half demon nature and her problems with emotions. This deals with a different set of events that happened afterward, instead of the plot taken by my fic Black and White.

So, if you’ve seen “Once More, With Feeling”, he’s yet another not so original parody/rip-off of it, but you’ll probably like it anyway for what it is. And for those who haven’t, well, hopefully I can amuse you, and make you try and hunt for a truly fine hour of television.

We all have our fanbratty moments. At least I recognize them as such. So, here we go with “Once Again, With The Titans”.

Scene One

Scene Two

Scene Three

Scene Four

Scene Five

Scene Six

Scene Seven

Scene Eight


Special Bonus: You Know You All Think It