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None; original character.

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Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland


Powerful gauntlet-based projectile launchers.


Presumably none, though she possesses great physical ability and endurance.

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Initially, little is known about the HIVE member known as Nightwalker. The enigmatic teen always wore a suit of protective armor and a helmet to hide his identity. No one at the school knew what he looked like underneath it, how he really sounded (as the helmet muffled the voice), or even got to know him on a personal level, as he rarely talked unless spoken to.

After the release of the Chaos magic on Halloween night in Boogeyman II: Teenage Wasteland, it is revealed that Nightwalker is, in fact, a girl. She reveals to Llarenes that she was born in a small, boring Mid-Western town where no one took her seriously due to her sex. After years of this hurtful opinion towards her, despite her efforts to shift that opinion, Nightwalker left. However, even in other places she looked in her travels, Nightwalker could not find anyone who would respect her on the same level as a male. So, she decided to live life as a male – taping her breasts down and donning a helmet. And suddenly, she was now respected – although some were wary of her aloofness, she now received the attention she had earned for her skills.

However, once it is discovered that Nightwalker is a girl, she decides to leave the HIVE. In her words, “and once Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, you can’t put the pieces back together again”. After telling her story to Jinx, Nightwalker leaves, and as of yet has not been seen again.

Nightwalker possesses great skill in combat, is quite intelligent and observant, and is a good actor, able to pass off for a male without anyone knowing until it was unavoidable. For a villain (if she really could be called one), she is very brave; sacrificing herself to Sadako so that Jinx, Shimmer and Buzz Bomb could destroy the tapes. And, lastly, she is a good judge of character – in fact, her statement that Jinx would make a good Titan may have been what started her down that path.