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Queen of Fables

First DC AppearanceEdit

JLA #47 (As Queen of Fables)

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"Mother Mae-Eye"

First Story AppearanceEdit

Fan Story "Maternal Instinct"


An army of sweets-themed minions including gingerbread soldiers and licorice warriors.


As Mother Mae-Eye, has the power to brainwash and alter the memories of people through enchanted pies and feed off their love. As Queen of Fables, possesses the power to bring works of fiction to the real world.

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In the wacky world of the animated Teen Titans series, Mother Mae-Eye was villain that appeared in the fourth season—and in one of the show’s crazier episodes in a season full of crazy episodes. Infiltrating the Tower via an enchanted pie sold to Cyborg, Mother Mae-Eye made herself a surrogate mother to the Titans while feeding on their love energy. Eventually she would bake them to death and ingest them, perfecting her powers. A timely bonk to the head of Starfire prevented this grim fate, and the Titans returned the favor to the Hive Five for an earlier humiliating defeat, sending them the witch’s pie for their own go against her.

Mae-Eye would eventually reappear in Season Five and be easily defeated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil.

In the Legendverse, her first appearance would come after that battle, in the fan story Maternal Instinct. After the Titans showed up to stop a bank robbery by the Hive Five (Times Two!), the hunger-induced forgetfulness of Mammoth resulted in Mae-Eye being unleashed to torment the bank’s inhabitants. In the end, it was revealed that Mother Mae-Eye was not who she seemed, but in fact, a DC Comics character known as the Queen of Fables. The Queen had been sealed in the form of the portly green witch a thousand years earlier by the sorcerer Jason Blood until Gauntlet released her.

A battle that spanned all of Jump City ensued, but in the end Gauntlet made up for releasing the Queen by providing the method of her defeat. As he and Scalpel used a giant lightning rod to draw the her field of electric energy that surrounded the Queen of Fables, Raven used the curse that had sealed Malchior in a book to seal the Queen in a piece of Teen Titans fanfiction so terrible it makes the works on this site look like Shakespeare.

The resulting tome, Raven and the Queen, was buried for all eternity by Superman on the frozen planet Argos.