Image and Adam Alexander Matthews AKA Metatron are (c) to Slothsoul.

Real NameEdit

Adam Alexander Matthews

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First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Children of a Lesser God


He may carry a 9mm handgun for back up.


Adam's demonic lineage provides him a great variation of powers, but they all revolve around a single source: His body heat. Every single one of his abilities depends on it, from the claws and wings to the energy releases and speed. People instantly assume that it is only his energy blasts that consume it. This is not true. The energy blasts is what consumes it the MOST. If he were to drain all his energy firing at a random enemy, then not only would that ability be gone, but all of them as well. These other abilities include above-human strength, speed, resistance, and the ability to develop demonic features (such as wings, claws, fangs, elfin ears, etc.). The reliance on heat has made his body resistant to such things as fire, explosions and having one of his own energy attacks fired back at him. This does NOT mean that he will just shrug them off, it simply states that he can endure and recover from these pains better than any human. Being on an overall hot environment will give him somewhat of an edge in battle as well: It would make his abilities have a bit more of a punch behind them. Lastly, while Adam has trained himself to keep his superior resistance 'on' at all times, all other abilities must be consciously summoned, none can activate if he's not given the chance to.

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