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Maxwell Collins

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None; original character.

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Wings of the Eagles


Political and business prowess.



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Maxwell Collins was what you would call a prodigy. Born from successful businessman Vincent Collins, Maxwell was utterly beyond anyone else. He had an IQ that couldn't be measured. Before he was even a teenager, he had left college...because he kept pointing out the mistakes and fallacies of his teachers. He's kind of like that kid from Good Will Hunting... except he had the drive and ambition that Will didn't have. Oh, was he ambitious...and ruthless beyond imagination.

By the age of 14, he had already become a millionaire. Already, CollinsCorp was spreading, setting foot into other markets. All those who tried to compete with Maxwell ended up getting crushed, sucked dry, and left to blow away with the wind. That was how Maxwell did business. He had taken control of the business from his father Vincent at the age of 15...and he then proceeded to utterly ruin his old man's other business. Vincent ended up dying in a pauper's grave, disowned by his own son.

Like father, like son...for Maxwell intended to keep the legacy going in his own son, Noel. He wanted Noel to be even greater, more ruthless than he...and had it not been for his mother Crystal, Maxwell might have succeeded. Perhaps that's why Maxwell ended up breaking her. Not physically...but her spirit. That's how he lived. Even on her deathbed, Maxwell didn't even say he loved her.

That was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Noel fled, never to return. Not that Maxwell didn't try to find him... as time went on, he turned his attention back to CollinsCorp, making it grow even more.

Imagine his surprise when Noel appeared one night, decked out like one of those Matrix characters. All in all, Maxwell acted just like Noel knew him to be: a cold, callous man, who thought he was in the Not thought. KNEW. He KNEW he was correct. HE was the law. HE was right. Despite everything he had done, he felt nothing about it.

Perhaps that's what finally persuaded Noel to feed Maxwell's brain all of the pain, anguish, suffering, and resentment that he had built up over the years...and it had nearly killed him. Had the Titans not stepped in, Maxwell might've died...or ended up in an insane asylum.

He didn't. He had no memory of the incident after waking up. He didn't remember that his son was the Titan known as Savior. He just continued on with his business. But the thing is...he's almost out of people to challenge; those who don't challenge know what he can do. They know what he WILL do.

So what would happen...if a man like Maxwell...became bored...?

Let's hope we don't ever have to find out.