Mammoth is (c) to DC Comics.

Real NameEdit

Baran Flinders

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First Episode AppearanceEdit

Series episode "Final Exam"

First Story AppearanceEdit

Black and White




Superhuman strength and limited invulernability. These powers have somehow inhibited his emotional development.

Current StatusEdit



Baran Flinders and his sister Selinda were born with their metahuman powers. Because of his gifts, Baran was quickly recruited by the (H.A.E.Y.P.) HIVE Academy for Extrodinary Young People and trained in the criminal arts. There, Baran met Gizmo and Jinx, and the two quikcly became a super efficient combat unit. Their efficiacy was first put to the test when Slade Wilson hired them to destroy the Titans (or so it seemed)...

Later, Mammoth invaded the Titans Tower again, again with Jinx and Gizmo, now calling themselves the Troika. At the time the only person in the tower was Savior, and despite his efforts to stop them, Mammoth and the others were able to defeat Savior and inadvertantly discover his weakness in the process.

After a while, Mammoth eventually brought his sister Selinda into the HIVE Academy, and became extremely protective (some would say overprotective) of her.