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Niel Richards

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First Episode AppearanceEdit

Series episode 10 "Detention"

First Story AppearanceEdit

Wings of the Eagles


Uses technology to simulate reality warping powers, usually with British themed results such as Monty Python and The Yellow Submarine homages. His latest version of his cane allows him to temporarily steal youth.



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Little is known about the man known as Mad Mod. He was apparently once a fashion designer in the antiquated Mod style before coming to America. Mad Mod is an extreme Anglophiliac, apparently desiring to reclaim the United States in the name of Great Britain. The Titans first encountered him shortly after he somehow covertly filled the Titans Tower with knockout gas and brought them to the oil rig, restraining them with power-leaching machinery. There, he had established a 'school' in which he was all powerful thanks to a complex system of special effects and holographic technology. Robin was able to stop him when he realized that the Mad Mod that had been chasing them was actually a hologram, and discovered destroyed the machine that ran the 'school'. Mad Mod was revealed to be an elderly man with an strong enmity towards young heroes, though the origins of this grudge are unkown. (Detention, aka Mad Mod)

Unfortuantely, Mad Mod's technology, specifically his power-draining restraints, would eventually prove nearly fatal for the Titans. The Lord of the Night, before his ascension to his 'god form' was able to restrain the Titans after Genocide defeated them using Mod's technology.

Later, Mad Mod took over the entire town after using a magic cane to steal Robin's youth and declared himself King Moddie the First, while reclaiming Jump City in the name of 'Jolly Old England.' (Revolution) The Titans were able to destroy Mod's cane, however, and return Robin's youth to him.

Mad Mod has been seen only once since then, in the final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil before We All Fall Down, once again having regained his youth. It is unknown whether this was through magical or technological means. It is possible that even with his regained youth, Mod met his end in this battle, however.