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Real NameEdit

Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton

Known AliasesEdit


First DC AppearanceEdit

Nightwing #4 (January 1997)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Tales and Randomness: Villain Cafe


Several antique weapons that have been passed down through her family: they include(d) a pair of Bhundi daggers, a Zulu Asegai (spear) and Knobkerry (club), Kukhris (a heavy curved knife), Kris daggers, Thuggee strangling cloth and flintlock pistols (Lady Vic is partial to the Webley-Fosberry .45.5 revolver). She has also been seen to use a Damascus cavalry sword.


None, though she is a highly skilled fighter (mostly with blades) and an above average athlete.

Current StatusEdit



Born into a unique English aristocracy that also possessed a long tradition of mercenary work, Lady Vic (short for Victim) entered into the family business as a hired killer to earn money to prevent the foreclosure on her family estate. In the course of these missions, she arrived in the corrupt city of Bludhaven, where she was attempting to collect on an overdue contract. This brought her into conflict with Nightwing, a conflict that would continue as the crime lord of Bludhaven, Blockbuster, put Lady Vic on retainer as one of his hired guns. Despite her constant conflicts with Nightwing ending in losses, Lady Vic has always had the good luck to slip away before being captured. While Lady Vic has yet to appear besides as a guest in Villain Cafe, she is a mercenary and she follows the money. And it may yet point her directly at the Titans, who may find out how apt her foreshortened name is...