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Real NameEdit

Unknown (In the fan story Maternal Instincts, he was given the name Donavan Merseric)

Known AliasesEdit


First Episode AppearanceEdit

Deception (background character, Series Episode #27)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Kyd Wykkyd has not yet appeared in the actual Legendsverse, though he did appear in the fan story Maternal Instincts.




Kyd Wykkyd can warp himself using black shadow gateways, he can also form these in objects (like say, a wall, or a glass cage) and hence phase through them. Since his powers appear very similar to Raven's, it is possible he also may have demonic blood or use similar magic. The size and range limit of these portals are unknown.

Current StatusEdit



Like more then a few HIVE members, nothing is known of Kyd Wykkyd's past (except perhaps the fact he seems to abhor the proper use of vowels), and even if you asked him you wouldn't get an answer; Kyd Wykkyd is an apparent mute (though whether he's just very quiet or he actually can't speak is unknown). Besides that, the only information available is that he seems to be friends or dating the Hive member Angel (he did immediately save her when the base began falling apart at the end of Deception): everything else is unknown. The Kyd was mostly a background character, appearing in the schools of Brother Blood that were destroyed by the Titans (though very strangely, Kyd Wykkyd was nowhere to be seen in both Sins of Youth and Boogeymen II. Perhaps he was on missions. The real reason being he hadn't been defined on the show and hence I did not want to use him, heh heh - Legend Maker). Kyd Wykkyd did accompany the Hive in the fan story Maternal Instincts, but in the end that just got him possessed by Mother Mae-Eye: we will see where that leads to or if he makes any appearances in the Legendsverse.

One last thing: he may be a fan of Batman (give you three guesses why and the first two don't count), or just highly unoriginal. Maybe if he could talk, he'd ask for costume advice.