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None; original character.

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Terra Firma


Numerous weapons including rockets, machine guns, flamethrowers and some less conventional ordinance.


Being a super-intelligent, car, Kitt’s primary power is, of course, super-intelligence.

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Created by Cyborg and named for the legendary Trans Am from the 1980s television series Knight Rider, KITT was a car given to Terra after she lost her powers and left the Teen Titans following the events of The Last Wish. Very much like its namesake, Kitt is a sentient car with amenities for living and dossiers on many of the world’s supervillains.

Kitt’s only appearance so far has been in the story Terra Firma, in which he transports Terra through a parody of the godforsaken portions of the Deep South and results in her arrest by corrupt (or perhaps just stupid) southern cops. When some supervillains from Dakota City, the stomping grounds of Static and Gear, arrive in the Podunk town where Terra is being held, Kitt helps the Titan in several dire situations and is badly damaged in the process. However, Kitt survives and the damage is nothing a quick trip to AAA can’t fix.

Kitt was last seen driving Terra away from the Deep South and to greener pastures. He hasn’t appeared in any chronologically subsequent stories, so only time will tell if Kitt survived his owner's terrible luck.