Location: United Kingdom Account: Jedi-And

Recommended Stories: Flashing Lights and Sounds

Planned Stories: Unknown

Website Contribution: Fanfiction, Main Gallery, Profile Drawings

Biography: Jed is an author from FF.hell as well. He's written Flashing Lights and Sounds, which is a sequel to Wings of the Eagles. He's the least experienced with writing in the trio, but he sure doesn't show it. His Titan is Scalpel, who also personifies his style: likable, calm, can be tense, sometimes scary, and controversial. He's very good at description and making people in the story likeable or giving off a Uriah-Heep-feel. LM and BobCat do the same, but all of Jed's characters just have that extra charm or "BLECK" feel to them.

He's also the artist of the group and has made MANY drawings of our favorite new Titans. Visit his gallery! Now! NOW!