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Final Exam (Series Episode #1)

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Black and White




None assumed, except perhaps the skill and intelligence needed to run an academy filled with superpowered teenagers being taught the way of villainy. Though considering that the Headmistress seemed to take part in the final battle between the Titans and the Brotherhood, she may have learned some combat skills in her years (then again, she may have just been running away!).

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Pretty much nothing is known about the Hive Headmistress: she took over after the first few leaders of the Hive proved to be lacking and supposedly turned it into the training school we know it is. Once Brother Blood came along though, she was swiftly disposed. Where did she go? Why was she with the Brotherhood? Did joining the Brotherhood mean her end as in We All Fall Down? Is it possible that one day the world will tremble in fear from the secret and terrible plans of the Hive Headmistress? ...The answer is no.