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Crystal and Serpentine are (c) to Legend Maker. The rest of the Hangmen are (c) to DC Comics. Image courtesy of DC Comics.


Breathtaker, Killshot, Serpentine, Stranglehold, Shock Trauma, Provoke, Crystal

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Titans #21. (Crystal and Serpentine are original characters; they have not appeared in DC Comics.

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A Teen Titan Movie: We All Fall Down


  • Killshot: Weapon user.
  • Breathtaker: Nearly complete control over air; named for her ability to take the oxygen from her enemies' lungs.
  • Serpentine: Massive snake/human hybrid: can spit and inject a variety of poisons as well as coil and constrict with immense force.
  • Stranglehold: Superhuman strength, probable enhanced durability.
  • Shock Trauma: Able to generate short range but lethal blasts and jolts of electricity.
  • Provoke: Sadistic Australian (like the Titans didn't have enough of those) who can dominate people's minds (albeit only one at a time): he uses his ability to make people kill themselves.

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They’re pure mercenaries, in it solely for the money, but each has their own particular cruelties mixed in with their combined heart of darkness. Of the two original characters, Serpantine’s big and bad, but Crystal may be the worst, simply because of the dark link she possesses to the Titans. What link is that? Not hard to guess…doesn’t make it any better.