The Epic of Gauntlet began in September of 2003. BobCat, newly at college and experiencing a glut of spare time, read Black and White. And liked it. He had never really shown much interest in the Teen Titans cartoon until reading his long time friend Legend Maker's fic. At around the same time, BobCat had just run out of steam on a different fanfiction project. He was convinced that part of the reason for the failure was that the former project had grown too grim and his main character too Gary Stu (mind, he was supposed to be Stu, he was a parody of Stu, but he had started to wander away from being a parody towards becoming what was being parodied in the first place, but that's neither here nor there).

BobCat had been helping Legend Maker with Black and White, mainly in the category of providing feedback (editing as he reread it) and pitching jokes (the Titans Initiation's rituals were a product of BobCat). BobCat had, at the same time, been working, on and off, on a seperate original character, Gauntlet. Gauntlet was one part Spider-Man, one part Naruto Uzimaki, one part Sailor Moon and a dash of Green Lantern. He was a parody of superheroes both east and west. BobCat thought, "Hey, I'll write a fanfic about him!"

All went well. Between September and April, nine or so chapters were published. It got a good response, and people liked it. However, BobCat's muse quit because of college. It was sick of writing about Aristotle or St. Augustine. The Muse gave up the ghost because when you spend all of your time writing... writing is no longer a fun activity. The Epic is sadly unfinished. As it stands, BobCat has half of chapter 13 written and may post it some time. 13 would be the last chapter, wrapping up the current arc. The Epic is also sort of hastily rushed in sections, and a little boring in others. BobCat can't actually bear to look back on it, and thinks of it as a learning experience.

The Epic of Gauntlet isn't so important because of what it is as because of Gauntlet himself, who has gone on to be a favorite character among fans of Legend Maker's works (where he is a regular fixture on the team).

Also, BobCat openly acknowledges that he made Noel an unlikable asshole (well moreso than he was in Black and White, at least) and Legend Maker picked up on this. This can be considered a contributing cause to his mental breakdown in Wings of the Eagles.

And with that, enjoy.