Real NameEdit

Donar Magnison

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First DC/Episode AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Here Comes Tomorrow


Mjolnir. Yes, that Mjolnir.


All the powers common to the Norse Gods, plus those unique to his ancestry. Donar also has a rather familiar ability—he can produce useful pamphlets from seemingly nowhere, rather similar to Gauntlet.

Current StatusEdit



Behold, Donar, son of Magni, son of Thor, son of Odin!

The fourth generation Norse god was born in 1962; his father retired to Milwaukee after the Ragnarok and conceived with a human woman. Donar inherited his grandfather Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and only he and members of his clan can use it.

Donar is an amiable and friendly demi-god, ready to give strangers his origin on short order and willing to band together with the teens of UPYOURS to bring justice to the lawless, justice-less town that is Jump City in the 2020s. He first appeared in Here Comes Tomorrow making short work of some metahuman malcontents who underestimated him and mistook him for a stereotypical homosexual.

He has also accomplished something no other character has before or since: he defeated one of Legend Maker’s characters in a debate.