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Victor Stone

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First DC AppearanceEdit

DC Comics Presents #26

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Black and White


Cyborg body as per namesake. Body contains an arsenal of weapons and tools, most famous one being the right-handed sonic/concussive canon.


None really beyond enhanced abilities due to being a cyborg. Body is composed of molybdemun steel, which grants enhanced strength and endurance. Enhanced vision from cybernetic eye, can also interface with any computer system. Expert engineer and mechanic.

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Victor Stone was a child of scientist parents whose own curiosity led to his change. His mother, during an experiment, accidentally unleashed a creature from another dimension, which killed her and gravely wounded Victor Stone, who would have died as well had his father not rescued him and transformed him into a cyborg. Bitter at first, Cyborg's meeting with Gar Logan, and the events that occurred a month afterward, helped to convince Victor that his new abilities could allow him to do great good, if he was willing to use them.

Like most of the Titans, it hasn't been easy. Cyborg has had to endure struggles with the facts that the loss of his flesh meant the loss of his humanity, and that although his robotic form may enchance his abilities, he may be limited to a never changing level. He has had to weather and forgive his disagreements with his fellow Titans. Recently, he has had to deal with a sense of great violation, first being promised back his seemingly lost humanity and then having what makes him special now stolen and used against him, his friends, and his city. Cyborg faces these challenges and more as he must overcome a new obstacle...feelings for a woman on the other side of the fence...