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Unknown (possibly non-applicable)

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First Episode AppearanceEdit

Divide and Conquer (Series Episode #3)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Wings of the Eagles


None (though he may occasionally throw something)


Body composed of concrete, which gives him great strength and durability...for the most part.

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Cinderblock's history is unknown (though since he seems to often be serving Slade it is possible Slade created him), and his actions are always the same: smash whoever or whatever he is ordered to or he can until he is defeated, as he seems to lack the basic intelligence to do much more (then again, when he was possessed by Jericho, Jericho was able to speak, something Cinderblock never did beyond generic yells and roars, so make of that what you will). He fought the Titans several times, usually losing (in one case he was even trashed by the very human Robin) and quite possibly was blown up due to the fanon events of We All Fall Down.

Cinderblock was as usual serving Slade in his Legendsverse appearance: when Slade was driven into a coma at the end of Sins of the Fathers it triggered a mass attack order lead by Slade's apprentice, Kurai, in which Cinderblock teamed up with his partners in crime, Plasmus and Overload (though since Terra never left the Titans in the Legendsverse this was technically the 'first' time they teamed up). Unfortunately, Terra being on the Titans' side proved hazardous to Cinderblock, as she took control of his body and immobilized him by breaking his knees. Cinderblock did a bit better when he fused with Plasmus and Overload to create Ternion (though since the Titans did not know this name he was incorrectly labeled 'Transmutate'), but when the Zap Pack appeared, Ternion was defeated once again. Will Cinderblock bother the Titans in the future? One never knows.

Cinderblock also served as one of the bouncers in the Villain Cafe, but since this story was humor the way he acted (much more human, including getting into silly arguments with his fellow bouncer Plasmus) should not be taken seriously.

Trivia fact: Cinderblock was originally going to be the Batman (and later Nightwing) villain Blockbuster, but he was changed so much that he ultimately became Cinderblock, a wholly new creation.