Real NameEdit

Noel Collins

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First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Time and Time Again




A fusion of the Shimmer and the Grimmer, stolen from Jack D'jinn.

Current StatusEdit

Unknown; presumably active.


In another timeline, Noel Collins stayed in New York longer after gaining his powers through the chemical truck accident. This gave Jack D'jinn (Asphyxiation) time to find an untrained Noel and attack him, once again for "stealing his talent". Asphyxiation nearly killed Noel before, out of desperation, Noel ripped the Grimmer out of Asphyxiation's body. The process killed Jack, and Noel somehow absorbed the Grimmer into his own body, which could have been the Grimmer's survival instincts to find a host (similar to the Shimmer's).

However Jack's legacy lived on, as all that was rotten within Jack was carried by the Grimmer which now resided in Noel. Without emotional support from friends and loved ones, the taint of Jack D'jinn corrupted him, and he became a more vicious copy of Jack.

The only time the Titan's have come across Christmas is during their timeline hopping (caused by Noel when he damaged Slade's Chronoton Destabilizer) in Time and Time Again. In one of these they saw Christmas attacking his version of the Titans...the results of that battle are unknown.

Whether Christmas will enter this reality and face his counterparts is unknown.