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New Teen Titans vol. 2, #21 (1982)

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Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland


Cyborg body presumably has all the same weapons as Cyborg.


An immensely powerful mind, Brother Blood can use his possibly-mystic abilities to control the minds of others, create telekinetic shields, and increase his physical strength enough to be a threat to Cyborg. Upon making his own body a cyborg patterned after Victor Stone’s enhancements, Blood also has all of Cyborg’s powers in addition to his own.

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In the comics, Brother Blood was a dark cult leader and head of the Church of Blood—a group that worshiped none other than Raven’s father Trigon. However, much of this was far too dark to display on the TV series. Brother Blood became a parody of the typical Saturday Morning Cartoon villain, deposing the Headmistress and taking over HIVE Academy as his own school for young supervillains.

Brother Blood was defeated twice by Cyborg—once with help from Bumble Bee—despite supposedly being able to control anyone. Blood swore revenge and had a criminal scientist known as Chang perform an operation on him that turned him into a cyborg himself. Brother Blood’s increase in power would have won him the day, until Cyborg realized that it was his force of will rather than his machine half that allowed him to resist. Indeed, the newly mechanical half of Brother Blood’s brain seemed to have a few security holes, and Cyborg hacked into Blood’s magic and used it against the cult leader.

Unfortunately, the parody went over the heads of many viewers, and taken seriously, Brother Blood was hardly a replacement for Slade. Brother Blood was never seen again in the series.

In Legendverse, however, Brother Blood escaped from prison and resumed his position as head of the HIVE Academy, going through several bases as each of them were discovered and destroyed by the Titans. He was quickly deposed as the Headmaster by the evil Jackal in Sins of Youth, and spent most of Booogeymen II unconscious and alone. He found himself hiding in his office—and often under his desk—in Boogeymen III. Yeah, he talks a good game, but he’s pretty cowardly.

Blood also appeared in the Fan Story Maternal Instict, in which he commissioned the bank robbery that kicked off the plot, and in the end, paying Slade Wilson for a job well done.