I do not believe humanity is weak.

Indeed, I am well versed in the strengths of humanity. I know what human beings can do by instinct, what their deepest parts of their brains tell them to do.

Human muscles cannot lift vehicles, yet mothers have done so, moving several thousand pound cars to save their children trapped beneath. What they cannot do becomes irrevelant: all that matters is what they MUST do.

There is strength in that, but far more often, the true strength lies in the defiance of such primitive, outmoded urges.

The greatest human urge is to survive...yet there are soldiers who have sacrificed themselves by throwing their bodies on grenades so their fellows can survive. Giving up their lives so that others may live.

There were those who guarded Jewish people during the Holocaust, when doing so was certain death. And many did die when they were found out, but that does not change the fact of what led to their deaths.

And when firemen go into burning buildings, they are forcing themselves into a hostile enviroment, in order to preserve the lives of others.

There is strength in humanity.

And their strength, so much weakness blooms.

The strength of humanity has allowed them to dominate the world, to twist it to their will and their desire. Strength, it seems, often needs obstacles to emerge, to develop. In this world we live in, such obstacles seem to dwindle daily. And in that loss, weakness comes.

And in weakness comes waste. Such gifts we have, such strength we command, and yet we throw it away, abuse it, utilize it poorly. We are possibly the best of all life there is, and yet so many of us fail.

They do not have proper perspective.

There is a Latin expression, 'Memento Mori'. Roughly translated, it means 'Remember you will die'.

That is the core of such weakness. The prospect of death, and its brother pain, is so far away from so many of these misguided, wasteful fools that they never grasp it. How can one properly use and enjoy life if one does not understand death?

I do not excuse myself. I was once weak as well. But when confronted with death, I challenged it and emerged enlightened. It will yet have me, but not before my message will be known.

Many have been my tests, of many who have wasted their life. Many of those have ended in death, as they would have eventually. I have seen many forms of human failing. And in that I have been set to a task, to the most complicated game I have ever devised. Strange circumstances have brought it about, and it will be a grave test for all involved. Myself included.

I am prepared.

And in that fact, the game is mine...