Or perhaps it should be called ‘And Now The Screaming Starts’. In my case it’s my fingers, head, AND vocal cords doing said screaming.

Boogeymen III was meant to be far more of a parody of all horror tropes and clichés then the first two, a dissection of the strange things that exist in horror films. But it was also going to star all the main canon and OC main bad guys. Remember my earlier comment about sympathy? Now I had it twice as bad. And the end result was writing that was even LONGER then Boogeymen II.

Unlike II, my effort finally crashed and burned around Part IV of the story. I hope to finish it one day, even if it’s not on a Halloween. I hope I can.

Then again, I’ve said that about a LOT of my work. Too bad I’m not like my favorite slasher. I bet Jason could have finished it…if he can even write…or type at a keyboard…or…great, the burnout broke my brain too. Cross your fingers!