As it’s virtually a law of nature a horror film with even the slightest modicum of success gets a sequel. Or six.

Oh god, what have I done to myself.

Boogeymen II is perhaps my first real case of my grasp doing its damndest to exceed my reach: it ended it over three times as long as Boogeymen and consisted of perhaps 2/3 original characters as the horror effect struck my version of the HIVE. And one of the most common complaints about horror films is that the viewers don’t relate to the characters, hence they don’t care about them, hence they don’t care when, if, and how they die, and so the whole film is pointless. And considering that Boogeymen II was going to involve the VILLAIN side, who we’re supposed to root AGAINST, I had my work cut out for me. I had to try and do Boogeymen bigger and better and also squeeze in a ton of character development and interaction.

Combine that with a deadline…

The effort was terrible and nearly broke me, but I managed it. Successfully? Well, that’s your choice to decide. If my diarrhea of the keyboard started anywhere, it was here. Perhaps that is in some ways a bad thing. I know some people have told me so.

So, you think I’d learn my lesson from this and apply it to Boogeymen III, right?

Unfortunately, much like horror film characters, I never learn…