Real NameEdit

Walter Rod

Known AliasesEdit

He was referred to as Glasses in the narrative of Crisis Point, but never actually called that by a character. Called Birdie and similar names by Kyra Collins.

First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Here Comes Tomorrow


Whatever chemical concoctions he can mix up.


Walt Rod may or may not actually have metahuman talents, but he's close enough. He's incredibly intelligent, has an aptitude for chemicals and a photographic memory with film (Heh. MY turn for a bad joke.), plus an incredible speed for mixing up various chemicals. His suit has various "holsters" for his beakers, for which place he has memorized.

Current StatusEdit



Walt Rod was a normal kid until his parents gave him a chemistry set at age 5. Other kids might just try to blow something up or just mess around until they lose most of the pieces and throw it out. Not Walt. He kept it and began learning everything he could about chemicals. He memorized chemical names, figured out far more than what would happen if you put vinegar and baking soda in a paper volcano.

In is own words: "I was hooked immediately, loving the delicate interplay of elements and molecules, learning their language, if you will, and I became quite proficient in chemistry."

He has the odd quirk of using long words out of habit, and it's been hintered he has a crush (for lack of a better word; it's unsure if it's passed that yet) on Kyra "Myth" Collins.