Image courtesy of DC Comics and Damion Scott.

Real Name Cassandra “Cass” Cain

Known Aliases None.

First DC Appearance Batman # 567

First Story Appearance Black and White

Weapons Batarangs; is also trained in a wide variety of fire arms and melee weapons.

Powers Unique brain allows her to read opponents body languages as clearly as you read this profile now. An expert martial artist—perhaps the best in the world—Batgirl can take down opponents with superpowers and defeat foes many times her size. Her vocabulary and social skills have suffered for this, but they are getting better. (Again, they aren't actually powers, but let the criminals think they are.)

Current Status Active


Trained from birth by her father, Assassin David Cain, in the art of combat, Cass has perhaps the most abnormal childhood of any of the Batfamily. Never taught how to even speak, body language became Cassandra’s primary language. Cain’s cruel methods left Cassandra scared physically, and the first murder Cassandra committed at eight years old scarred her emotionally. She fled her father and lived alone on what she could steal for the next eight


Blackbat by Trevor McCarthy

years, until Batman found her. Batman took her in and trained her to use her incredible talents for heroism, though his motives and actions haven’t always seemed to be noble, perhaps caring more for the mission than for Cassandra’s well-being.

Batgirl’s first appearance in Legendverse was in the final battle with the Lord of the Night at the climax of Black and White. Afterward, she became a member of Young Justice until it disbanded. Several years later, she showed up at Titans Tower during the events of Sins of Youth and put several of the Titans on the floor as they attempted to match her martial arts skills.

After the events of Final Crisis and Batman: R.I.P, Cassandra cedes the role of Batgirl to her best friend Spoiler and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Eventually her travels lead her to Hong Kong, where she becomes the Batman Inc. representative known as Blackbat.