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Real NameEdit

Atlas (assumingly, otherwise unknown)

Known AliasesEdit


First Episode AppearanceEdit

Only Human (Series Episode #17)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Wings of the Eagles


Several weapons, primarily twin lasers in arms and a gun that entrapped opponents in highly durable orange force fields. He also had a flame cannon and a concussion blaster, but he never got to use them, mainly due to the fact that he didn't know how (git).


Great strength, impressive durability.

Current StatusEdit



No one knows who or what build the robot that would come to be known as Atlas, nor if he was created with his megalomaniac AI personality or if that was developed later. Wherever he came from, Atlas clearly doesn't consider it a matter worth thought: his only concern is an endless need to find and defeat opponents, though this is far more due to ego then any need to challenge or improve himself: indeed, Atlas considers himself far above humans and most, if not all other things (ironic considering he seemingly needed a human mechanic to keep running at optimum efficiency), challenges only existing so he can crush them.

Atlas debuted in the Season 2 episode 'Only Human', where Cyborg besting him in a video game prompted Atlas to issue another challenge, in person, as Atlas attacked the tower, successfully managed to imprison Cyborg's fellow Titans and defeat Cyborg when he was unable to surpass his maximum power output of 100%. In such the way of such stories though, Atlas assumed that was it, and proved that it was anywhere but over as Cyborg tracked him down and surpassed his limits, besting the arrogant robot. On top of that, his mechanic Spike saw Atlas for who he was and left him.

Atlas faired little better in the Brotherhood of Evil in Season 5: he and his fellow mechanical villain Adonis were unable to subdue Pantha, and when the gigantic fight broke out in the chamber Atlas lost a leg to Bushido's blade and ended up frozen. And if one follows the plot of the fanon movie We All Fall Down, he possibly ended up worse.

Atlas didn't do any better either when he appeared in the Legendsverse, appearing again and issuing a new challenge to Cyborg. Unfortunately, Cyborg was not in at the time, but Atlas refused to accept this as truth and threatened harm to Jump City if the 'hiding' Cyborg did not show himself. Unfortunately for Atlas, the only harm came to himself, as his actions attracted the attentions of the Zap Pack, who swiftly and thoroughly beat him into oblivion.

Perhaps while lying in his crater, Atlas finally realized that the higher you put yourself up to be, when the truth comes along, it's a long, long way down.