Real NameEdit

Cissie King-Jones

Known AliasesEdit

Oh, you mean that female Speedy girl?

First DC AppearanceEdit

Impulse #28 (August 1997)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Black and White


A bow and many arrows.


Not a power, Cissie is a skilled archer trained by her mother, the Silver Age Heroine Miss Arrow.

Current StatusEdit



Poor Arrowette. Daughter of an overbearing Silver Age heroine whose ambitions in life were passed on to her daughter—whether her daughter wanted them or not, Arrowette has received the short end of the stick many times. While Cissie wanted to compete professionally, her mother Bonnie pushed her into being a heroine. In the world of DC Comics, the speedster Max Mercury realized that Cissie’s mother was doing her no favors and got Cissie placed in the Elias School For Girls. Bonnie lost custody of her daughter, and all was well for a while. Cissie appeared again as an opening member of Young Justice, again getting the short end of the stick as the villain Harm caught one of her Arrows and threw it back at her, impaling the teen in the shoulder. Ever resilient, Cissie would go on to be an integral part of Young Justice until she retired from the team to compete in the Olympics.

In Legendverse, Cissie appeared along side other members of Young Justice in the final battle against The Lord of The Night. Unfortunately, fighting a terrible shadow being with arrows didn’t prove terribly effective. Cissie survived, but hasn’t been seen since, presumably having followed her comic counterpart into retirement.