Real NameEdit

Anglo Saxon Patrol (Organization)

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First Novel AppearanceEdit

Perfect Justice by William Bernhardt

First Story AppearanceEdit

White and Black (Arc in Wings of the Eagles)


Propaganda, guns, fire, various other handheld weaponry.



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A product of Legend Maker’s tendency to ‘borrow’ heavily from sources other than Teen Titans and DC Comics, the Anglo Saxon Patrol was the villainous organization behind multiple murders in an arc of Wings of the Eagles deemed to offensive for the Teen Rating and given its own story.

After discovering a photo of Savior, clad in entirely white regalia, catching a falling Cyborg with a white Shimmer strand by the neck, the Anglo-Saxon Patrol used his image as a propaganda tool, moving into Jump City believing they had a sympathizer among the ranks of the Teen Titans. After a series of racially motivated murders, the ASP kidnapped Cyborg’s girlfriend Latrisha Dryce.

Cyborg did his best to save her, but was unsuccessful, and Latrisha was murdered. In the ensuing fight, Cyborg dismantled much of the ASP’s operations in Jump City and Savior finished the job, terrorizing their leader Grand Dragon Dunagan into a frenzy. The ASP (thankfully) hasn't reorganized in Jump City since.