Angel is (c) to DC Comics.

Real NameEdit

Unknown. (Named Angela Dark in Maternal Instinct.)

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First Episode AppearanceEdit

Series episode 27 "Deception"

First Story AppearanceEdit

Maternal Instinct




Possess a set of small bird-wings that allow her to fly and fight in the air. It is unknown whether these are biological or technological. In the fan story Maternal Instinct, these wings had been upgraded to much larger razor sharp wings, aptly called Razor Wings.

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Little is known about Angel. She first appeared as a background student in the Hive Academy whe Cyborg infiltrated it to learn of the new Headmaster's plans. (Deception) It is also noted she may be the girlfriend of Kyd Wykkyd, or at least quite close to him. Angela never became a memeber of the Hive Five, but was involved in the final battle between the Titans and Brotherhood of Evil.

Her only appearance in the Legendsverse is in Maternal Instinct, where she survived the battle in Paris (before We All Fall Down) and ended up under the control of Mother Mae-Eye. She was sent to fight agaisnt Robin, Cyborg, and Mammoth, but was hit on the head hard enough to snap her out of the pie-induced zombification and is now working with