Alexander Luthor Jr. is (c) to DC Comics.

Real NameEdit

Alexander Luthor Jr.

Known AliasesEdit

Crimson Afro-Lad

First DC AppearanceEdit

Crisis On Infinite Earths #1 (1985)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Crisis Point


Superboy-Prime, several high-tech fire arms and stealth devices.


Super-intelligence; His body is a perfect blend of matter and anti-matter, giving him a set of vaguely defined quantum-theory powers, including the ability to teleport between universes and to transform his body into a portal to other realms.

Current StatusEdit

Complicated; see History.


Alex Luthor Jr. was born to Alexander Luthor and Lois Lane Luthor of Earth-3 before the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Just as the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter waves washed over his world, Luthor—his world’s greatest hero—sent young Alex Jr. across the universal barrier. But in the process, Alex’s physiology was irreversibly altered, his body becoming equal parts matter and anti-matter and his aging accelerating. Within a matter of days, he had aged to adulthood. In the original DC Multiverse, Alex Luthor helped the heroes fight off the Anti-Monitor and save all creation from imminent destruction. In the end, Alex Luthor, along with Superboy-Prime, Superman of Earth-2, and Lois Lane Kent of Earth-2, retreated into what appeared to be a paradise dimension, having no home to go to in the new universe that resulted from the fusion of the Multiverse.

However, appearances can be deceiving. The dimension Alex retreated into was more hell than heaven to someone with such an unusual upbringing. This strange world required input, for its primary function was to replay memories of the past. Alex, having never lived a normal life, had no experiences to input. He could only watch the history of the new Universe unfold, watch as the heroes became more corrupt and less heroic.

In time, Luthor would recreate the multiverse, and then attempt to mix and match planets in order to create the perfect universe, all the while blind to the inherent imperfections in himself and his immature ally, Superboy-Prime. Or, for that matter, to the imperfections in the human animal.

In Infinite Crisis, Luthor eventually failed and met a gruesome end at the hands of the Joker. His only appearance in Legendverse so far has been the elseworld Crisis Point. The logistics of this story and where it could possibly fit in the multiverse aside, the initial elements of Luthor’s plan went very much the same. Unfortunately for him, the end result of his plans still failed with Superboy—the real Superboy—sacrificing himself to save the world. Luthor sent an incredible force of Supervillains to attack Metropolis, but again the Teen Titans would intervene, helping the world’s heroes fight off the invasion. Crisis Point has one other notable difference; the Battle of Metropolis didn’t end with Superman and Kal-L defeating Doomsday.

Because the darkness of the Legendverse has its own avatar. The Lord of the Night appeared at the eleventh hour, and though Luthor undoubtedly prepared for such a contingency, it remains to be seen whether or not his preparations were enough.