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Real NameEdit

Robert Alexander Candide

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First DC/Episode AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Hasn't appeared yet.


A powerful Gauntlet of the Old Ones.


Gauntlet allows limited super strength for the arm on which it is placed; but it’s primary purpose is to project a yellow energy field that surrounds the user and is used for both offense and defense, much like the green energy of a Green Lantern Ring—though on a much smaller scale. Alexander also possesses a genius-level IQ.

Current StatusEdit



In an alternate world where Good and Evil are reversed and the heroic figures of our world pillage the Earth as the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, one force that fights against the evil—though not necessarily on the side of good—is the rebellious group led by Alexander, an alternate universe version of Gauntlet. As Alexander hasn’t appeared yet in a story, little is known about his demeanor or deeds.